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How to trace the SPAM Email

How to trace the SPAM Email

What is SPAM ?

 Spam email is a form of commercial advertising which is economically viable because email is a very cost-effective medium for the sender. If just a fraction of the recipients of a spam message purchase the advertised product, the spammers are making money and the spam problem is perpetuated.  source from  wiki

How does Email works ?

Email Sender  have to use mail software called client , to compose document with attachments like pictures , audio and video files, System software called  TCP divides the message into packets and adds information about how each packets should be handled.

Internet mail address attached to each message in the form of

Mail box server converts the domain name  of the recipient's email into the numeric IP (Internet Protocol ) address .

  • First request from the "root" name server the whereabouts of other servers that store information about ".in" domains.
  • It can then interrogate the ".com" name server for the location of the specific "" name server. 
  • A final request to the "" name server provides the IP address for the computer that receives the mail for, which is then attached to each message packet

How does the spam filter works ?

Normally it works based on the characteristics that an anti-spam filter can use to block or diver them into junk or spam folder. 
Filter based   are like , Blacklisted , content based filter , word based filter , DNS Lookup System etc.

Common ports of email 

SMTP Port 25 
POP3 port 110 
IMAP port 143 

Spam Email tracking 
Step 1 : Open Spam Email
Step 2 : Click Show orginal 
Step 3 : Check the Return path of an email 
Step 4 : Copy all Email Header  and Paste it in Email Header Analyzer and see