How to Get Free Credits for Skype - Skype to Mobile Free - TUT

Free Credits for Skype  - Skype to mobile Calls free

Step 1 : Create Microsoft Account  like hotmail , live outlook ( i have account )
Step 2 : login to
Step 3 : If you see the error "Bing Rewards isn't available yet in your country or region"
Step 4 : Use Hola proxy plugin for chrome and change the location to USA and reload the Bing
Step 5 : Start Search in Bing for 3 search 1 credit once you reach 100 you can remede 100 credits and use for Skype 
Step 6 : Credits will sent to your Email copy the skype code paste on 

Step 7 :
Step 8 : check your Skype Balance 


Step 9 : Feed back to  and    :P